The Frostlands are the northernmost snowy reaches of the continent of Espar, and the traditional homelands of the Elves. During and after the Fenlander Wars, the Elves returned to the north, rebuilding and expanding the ancient cities of Lamaranor and Thorniel. Most of the Frostlands remain uninhabited now, but the secretive Elves seem to prefer it that way.

The Frostlands can be divided into three distinct geographic regions: the Salt Plains, the Forest of Lamara, and the Lowlands.

The Salt Plains extend up and down the western coast of the Frostlands. The soil is poor for agriculture, but rich in salt and other valuable minerals. The human Kingdom of Hega once controlled this region, but this control collapsed during the Fenlander Wars.

The Forest of Lamara makes up the central area of the Frostlands, and is home to the city of Lamaranor. The forest is very old, and mostly coniferous, giving it a dark and mysterious character most non-Elves find frightening. The forest is famous for its beautiful and dangerous frostfalls.

The Lowlands make up the southern and eastern lands surrounding the Forest of Lamara. Known for its (relatively) warmer weather and golden birch forests, the Lowlands are an easier and more accessible region of the Frostlands. The Elven city of Thorniel is located in the eastern reaches of the Lowlands.


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