Adventurers Guild

The Adventurer’s Guild was the brainchild of C.C. Barthum, the son of S.C. Barthum, the last president of the Loranian Association of Amateur Amidian Archaeologists or LAAAA, before it was dissolved during the Fenlander Wars. The LAAAA had dedicated itself, and its many wealthy members, to the study and cataloging of the many Amidian ruins found across Espar, as well as any other interesting points of archaeological interest.

Upon his father’s death during the third invasion of Peril’s Point, C.C. Barthum became the owner of his father’s vast collection of notes, maps, and artifacts. Fleeing with his family to the relative safety of Lisentia, C.C. took his father’s library with him. Unfortunately, the wagon caravan the Barthum family was in was attacked by marauding Fenlanders. When the smoke cleared, C.C. found two of his three children dead, his wife grievously injured, and a significant portion of his father’s papers either stolen or destroyed.

Upon reaching Lisentia, C.C.’s wife Celia Barthum passed away, and C.C. threw himself into the work of organizing a new guild out of the wreckage of his father’s network through the LAAAA. With his remaining resources, C.C. was able to recruit adventurous souls to explore the now-dangerous areas outside of the protection on city walls, exchanging information for a cut of whatever the adventurer found. At first, his recruits were little more than elevated looters, taking advantage of the newly abandoned townships dotting the landscape. As time went on, however, C.C. found the previous owners of abandoned lands looking to hire C.C.’s adventurer’s to check in on their holdings, retrieve precious items, or perform other tasks outside of the city walls.

Two years after the renaming of Lisentia to Neruvah, [[Garnet C. Barthum]], the surviving daughter of C.C. Barthum, formally incorporated the Adventurer’s Guild in Neruvah. Within ten years, there were large branches in both Ceylan and Kirnsburg.

Today, the Adventurer’s Guild is a well-known and generally respected part of human cities. Adventurers are able, and often compelled, to sign up with the guild in order to find jobs, and in return have a better guarantee of receiving fair payment. The Guild takes a cut of all Guild jobs, and asks for debriefing sessions with all members after jobs in order to supplement its ever growing records, but most adventurers find this a small burden when compared to the amount of money they can make from a successful job. The Guild has a significant resource base, thanks to its membership, and loyal members are known to be well taken care of.

The current president of the Adventurer’s Guild is Myron Calder.

Adventurers Guild

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