The Ruins of Amidia

The Crypts of Mire Bar

After returning to Varinth after subduing the Siren in the half-submerged Amidian temple, the adventurers learn of another, more dire problem facing the coastal villagers of the Mire: the undead. Just north of Mire Lira lies the abandoned village of Mire Bar, and more importantly, its crypts. Reports of sightings of animated or otherwise desecrated corpses led the adventurers to investigate.

Entering the crypts, the adventurers found several corpses, some of which were animated by a strange heat-seeking energy. Dispatching these with some difficulty, thanks to the eerily specific knowledge of Addison, the adventurers returned to Mire Lira to collect their payment from a grateful Varinth. After showing the pearl farmer a curious wand they found in the crypts, she suggested the group travel to Neruvah and seek the guidance of the priestesses of Ceremata.

The Ghosts of Mire Lira

The heroes travel south of Neruvah to the coastal fishing village of Mire Lira to investigate some reported hauntings surrounding a partly-submerged Amidian ruin near the village. These reported hauntings turned out to be caused by a Siren who had taken up residence inside of the ruin. The heroes were able to defeat the siren and restore peace to the sleeping children of the village.

A Simple Job

The party meets for the first time, brought together in Kirnsburg to complete a job for a wealthy merchant, Lord Ashton through their agent in the Adventurer’s Guild, Talon Prichard. Several creatures had entered his garden maze just before the scheduled birthday party for his spoiled only daughter, Juliett.

The heroes entered the garden and discovered it to be occupied with two mated displacer beasts, only after managing to get past Lord Ashton’s faithful guard dog. They dispatched them with some quick thinking and were handsomely rewarded for their troubles.

Upon finishing their tasks, they explored the city of Kirnsburg and reported back to Talon Prichard.


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